Clinical floaters questionnaire

questionaiire_imageOne Clear Vision is the leading English-speaking charity for sufferers of Degenerative Vitreous Syndrome (severe eye floaters) in the world and we have an international remit. One of our key aims is to promote medical research into effective management and treatment techniques for the condition.

Last year, during a consultation exercise with patients, carers and eye health professionals, the requirement was identified for diagnostic tools be developed for assessing the vitreous and eye floaters.

The vitreous needs to be invisible so it is notoriously difficult to assess using the standard diagnostic methods such as manual slit lamp examination and scans. Meanwhile existing test charts and questionnaires do not capture the issues that are pertinent to people with eye floaters. This makes patient assessments during consultations more difficult and clinical trials next to impossible.

Project overview

One Clear Vision is uniquely placed to work with clinicians and patients to change this situation and improve the prospects for people suffering with this condition. We have commissioned an academic with experience creating patient-reported symptom questionnaires to develop a flagship, psychometrically-valid, patient-reported outcome measure for eye floaters.

Project stage Completed
Conduct initial focus group research tick
Produce the pilot version of the questionnaire and collect 150 responses
Analyse the responses
In light of analyses construct a revised version and collect 200 responses
Repeat statistical analyses and produce the final version
Review relevant research evidence and write-up result for publication

What we need you to do

We need a cross-section of people with eye-floaters, 150 during the first phase, to complete the pilot questionnaire. If you have eye floaters, no matter how mild, please complete the online questionnaire. It can be done online in around 15 minutes.

Go to the OCV EFQ

Secondly, please help to get the word out to people around the world via your social media and your professional and personal contacts.

If you are an eye health professional and can help us to distribute the questionnaire through your practice then please let us know.

Finally, if you would like to donate to the project to help us to cover consultation costs, it would be really appreciated.