There is anecdotal evidence from DVS sufferers that wearing sun glasses can help reduce the perception of eye floaters by dilating the pupil and reducing light contrast. Our unscientific Facebook poll suggests that brown lenses seem to help the most.

However, wearing sunglasses all the time can be quite impractical and can make people feel quite self-conscious, especially indoors, at night or if they don’t live in a sunny place! So tinted contact lenses are one possible management solution.

Project aims

Contact lens study

OCV is working on two avenues for this project. We have identified a brand of therapeutic soft contact lenses that may help with the condition. We are undertaking a clinical trial to look into whether this is the case and what situations and people they are suitable for. Depending on the results of the pilot trial, we would like to expand the project in future to look at other brands of lenses.

How can I help this project happen?

Please donate towards this project, e.g. the costs of lenses and fitting and volunteer expenses.

Donate now

If you are a DVS sufferer interested in taking part in the trial please contact us for details.

If you are a lens manufacturer or specialist and think you can contribute your expertise, time or supplies to this project, please let us know.