Quantitative indexThere is no universal, objective way to measure severity or impact of DVS on visual function. DVS generally does not affect visual acuity or function per se, but does impact quality of vision.

Having such a quantifying method is very important when considering how patients are to communicate their visual problems to their loved ones and physicians, how researchers are to assess the results of their trials and doctors the benefits and impact of their treatments.

Currently it is not possible to electronically scan and image vitreous opacities, therefore any such measurement needs to rely on evaluating the patient’s subjective experience.

Project aims

We aim to carry out thorough research with patients and professionals to identify the areas that need to be tested and measured and then to develop suitable and valid questionnaires and tests. Finally to promote these to the professional community.

How can I help this project happen?

We invite the input of specialists into this process. If you can provide an insight into current testing methods and would like to help us develop these tests, or would like to take part in pilot studies, or promotion activities, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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