Visō is One Clear Vision’s eye floater simulation toolOne of the problems many sufferers from severe eye floaters have is expressing how the condition affects them. It is an condition that is invisible to friends and family and they may find it difficult to relate to what their loved one is experiencing. In the absence of any universal objective measure of floater severity, eye professionals can find it problematic assessing how severe somebody’s case is or how much it is affecting them day-to-day.

Visō is One Clear Vision’s eye floater simulation tool. It allows people who suffer from eye floaters to draw their visual experience to demonstrate it to their doctor and others.

At the moment the tool is in its Beta testing phase which means it is being tested for any issues and suggested improvements. When it goes live in the coming months it will be used by a pilot group. Then later in the year it will be available for public use. Keep a look out for announcements on our site and social networks.