Get socialSevere eye floaters can be an isolating experience for sufferers and their loved ones.

Please help to spread the word and bring people together in order to attract their support, expertise and investment.

Social media

Please connect with us using the links to the right.

External networks

There are also a number of good externally run networks with a lively and supportive DVS community.

Professional networking

As a medical or research specialist, you can apply to join the Vitreous Floaters Study group and we would welcome you in our Zotero Publications Group to help us curate our library of resources.

If you are a doctor who treats this condition please let patients and your colleagues know by being added to our Physician Directory. Just drop us a line to let us know.

There are many social networking platforms specifically for medical and research professionals where you can potentially link up with others working in this field. Please send us details of your DVS networks, so that we can publicise them here.

If you are a medical artist, please consider publishing new images of DVS to your networks.

Our work

For ways to get directly involved in our work, please see Our Work page.